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How to choose biomass pellet machine

The selection of biomass pellet mill can be customized according to specific production needs and budget, and different models and specifications of biomass pellet mill can be used for different scale of production. Here are some production specifications and parameters to consider when choosing a biomass pellet mill.

Production capacity:

The production capacity of a biomass pellet mill is usually measured by the amount of pellets produced per hour in tons per hour (t/h).

Common production capacities range from a few hundred kilograms per hour to tens of tons per hour, depending on the model and application.


Pellet Diameter:

Biomass pellet diameters usually range from 2mm to 12mm, but can be adjusted as needed.

Different models can produce pellets of different diameters.


Electricity Requirement: 

Biomass pellet mills usually require an electricity supply, which depends on the model and production capacity.

Single or three phase power may be required, ranging from a few kilowatts to tens of kilowatts.


Mold specifications: 

The size and shape of the mold affects the final form of the pellets and can be changed to different sizes as needed.

Common mold diameters include 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, but other sizes can be developed upon request.


Compression ratio: 

The compression ratio refers to the degree to which the biomass feedstock is compressed into pellets and is usually measured in terms of machine output and the density of the pellets.

Higher compression ratios usually mean firmer pellets, but may also require more power.


Control system: 

Modern biomass pellet mills are usually equipped with intelligent control systems for monitoring and adjusting machine operation.

The control system may include monitoring and adjustment functions for parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed and feed rate.


Maintenance and cleaning: 

It is important to understand the maintenance needs of the machine as well as the cleaning process to ensure stable operation and long service life.

When choosing the right machine for your production needs, it is recommended to consult with a professional manufacturer to ensure that the most suitable model and specifications are selected. macreat is a professional biomass pellet mill manufacturer from China, we can provide you with a complete set of biomass pellet production solutions.

How to choose biomass pellet machine