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Biomass pellet mill abrasives can be repaired

Today biomass pellet mill manufacturers tell you if pellet mill abrasives can be repaired

Biomass pellet mill abrasive is biomass pellet mill production process easy to wear parts, because the parts are more expensive, so looking at a good abrasive wear bad, some people will inevitably want to be able to repair is good. In fact, biomass pellet mill abrasives can not be repaired, because the biomass pellet mill abrasives are heat-treated products after determining the molding hole and release port. Once the molding hole and release hole are determined, the flare of the abrasive is also determined.

When the flare is flattened and you want to repair it, you have to reduce the length of the forming hole, which will change the compression ratio of the mold, unless the previous grinding tool has a large compression ratio and a large length of the forming hole, which can be repaired, but repairing it will require re-drilling of the flare, which needs to be annealed before repairing it because it is vacuum quenched, and the cost of annealing is the same as the cost of vacuum quenching. Therefore, the need for repair is not great.

In that is the abrasive molding hole after use of the original 8mm hole diameter may change to 9mm, so it may not be suitable for your production!