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Wood Chipper/Crusher LDBX218 working video in our customer’s factory

Wood Chipper/Crusher LDBX218 working video in our customer’s factory

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Wood Chipper/Crusher LDBX218 working video in our customer’s factory

Power 110KW

Capacity 8-10ton/hour

We will offer not only machines, but also solutions for our customers!

【Product Introduction】

Drum chipper is a kind of wood processing and volume reduction equipment. It is a professional processing equipment used to prepare various types of wood chips. It is widely used in wood chip production in paper mills, wood-based panel plants and biomass molding fuel plants. This equipment can cut logs, small-diameter wood, wood waste, and board scraps into sheet-like materials with uniform length, flat cuts and uniform thickness. It can also process hard materials such as coconut shells and empty palm fruit bunches by replacing working parts.
In general, the drum wood chipper is most suitable for processing raw wood such as logs, branches and other materials. And when dealing with waste pallets, waste furniture and other recycled materials, as well as hard raw materials such as coconut shells and palm nut shells, the main shaft needs to be changed to a hammer shaft.


The machine has the characteristics of large capacity, good quality, simple operation and easy maintenance.
The motor power is small, generally only 1/4-1/5 of other screens;

High screening efficiency and high precision;

Adjustable screen surface angle;

The load transferred to the foundation is small, and the foundation does not need special treatment;

Fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge;

The screen body is welded by rolled steel plates (part of the assembly body is connected by bolts), the overall rigidity is just right, firm and reliable;

The screen is made of wear-resistant rubber material with long service life