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Pellet Heating Stove

  • Wind Heating Series Pellet Stove
  • Wind Heating Series Pellet Stove
  • Wind Heating Series Pellet Stove
Wind Heating Series Pellet Stove Wind Heating Series Pellet Stove Wind Heating Series Pellet Stove

Wind Heating Series Pellet Stove

  • Regency Pellet Stoves are a convenient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home and save money. Pellet stoves are easy to operate home heaters that bridge the gap between the effort required to build and maintain a wood fire and the one button convenience of gas. Enjoy the convenience of simple ignition and minimal fire maintenance with the heating capacity of wood! Pellet Stoves truly offer the best of both worlds!


1.is easy to use.

2.could lower electric or gas utility bills.

3.can be added to the coldest room of your home.

4.is a nice visual addition to the home.


Pellet stoves are very easy low-maintenance appliances to heat your home with. Typically you will only need to reload your pellet stove hopper every one to two days depending on the size of your hopper. Wood pellet stoves eliminate messy wood splitting and firewood hauling sessions. All you have to do to load your pellet stove is simply pour the wood pellets from the bag or your pellet bucket or container into the hopper.

Since pellet stoves use dried wood pellets they do not produce any smoke. With a pellet stove you will never have to worry about being smoked out of the room or breathing in the smoke and fumes which could be hazardous to your health. Wood pellets also operate without drying out the air in your home.

Pellet stoves are a great option for homeowners that have pets or small children. Since pellet stoves produce virtually no exterior heat and remain cool to the touch, they are safe to operate around pets and children. This also allows you to place your wood pellet stove as close as 1" away from the wall opening up more installation possibilities.

Pellet stoves are extremely environmentally friendly considering that they use recycled materials that burn in an Eco friendly manner. Pellet stoves operate using renewable energy which is readily available.  They release less harmful gases into the air and no trees are cut just to manufacture them.

Pellet stoves are clean-burning, low-cost and low maintenance stoves that are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who are concerned with rising fuel costs, our independence from overseas resources, and our environment. Pellet stoves can be just as effective and efficient as wood burning stoves and some of them are manufactured to easily integrate into your home's current vent system so that you are able to heat your entire house. Pellet stoves also make great zone heaters if you don't need a heating appliance to heat your entire home.

Working Principle:

Unlike wood stoves which operate exclusively on a principle of chimney draft, pellet stoves must use specially sealed exhaust pipe to prevent exhaust gases from escaping into the living space due to the air pressure produced by a combustion blower. Pellet stoves require certified double-wall venting, normally three or four inches in diameter with a stainless steel interior wall and a galvanized outer wall.

Pellet stoves are fueled by loading wood pellets into a device called the hopper. The hopper size will vary from stove to stove but think of it just like you would BTU's on a wood burning stove. The higher the BTU range, the more powerful the wood stove is and the longer it will provide heat. Just like with a pellet stove, a bigger hopper will hold more wood pellets and provide longer periods of heat for your home.

Some pellet stoves are equipped with automatic lighting while others will require you to light the stove. Once the wood pellets have been loaded into the hopper, the pellet stove will transfer the pellets into a heating chamber on a controlled and automatic system, using an internal thermostat to gauge the heat and alert you when it's time to reload more pellets. Room air is then sucked into the pellet stove through a built-in fan, transferred through the heating chamber, and distributed back into the room as heated air.


PELLET CONSUMPTION0.4-2.0KG/H0.6-2.3KG/H0.6-2.3KG/H0.6-2.3KG/H
PACKAGE SIZE600x1100x550MM600x1100x550MM600x1100x550MM600x1100x550MM